How to configure ASUS DDNS service with ASUSWRT

How to configure ASUS DDNS with ASUSWRT firmware
DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System) is a service that allows clients to access a specific network device through a registered domain name. This is especially useful when the target network device has a dynamic public IP address.
All ASUS wireless router is embedded with ASUS DDNS service, and new models in these years come with ASUSWRT firmware. The steps to configure DDNS service remain pretty much the same: 

1. From your Mac or PC, point your browser to e.g., login to the ASUS wireless router and enter the configuration page.
2. Click [WAN] on the first level menu (on the left-hand side):

3. Click [DDNS] on the second level menu (on the top).

4. Click 'Yes' to 'Enable the DDNS Client'.

5. Leave the 'Server' as 'WWW.ASUS.COM'.

6. Enter a 'Host Name' for your wireless router, e.g. if you enter 'alice', you should be able to access your router with ''.

7. Click [Apply] to save your configuration and it's done. Wait for a few hours for the hostname to propagate through DNS system.
Please note that in order for ASUS DDNS service to work correctly, you need to let it get an public IP address. If your wireless router sit behind any other gateway or firewall, it may get a private IP (192.168.x.x, 10.x.x.x or 172.16.x.x) in this case and the DDNS service will not work.

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