Configure ASUS DDNS Service on RT-AC66U

Configure ASUS DDNS Service on RT-AC66U  

AiDisk is a feature that built-in to every ASUS wireless devices, it allows you to create an FTP server with just a few clicks.

1. Use any browser on your PC to connect to your ASUS router, default IP address would be

2. Login to the router with default username: admin and password: admin.

3. Select Network Map from the menu on the left, make sure the Internet status says that you are connected and get a public WAN IP (not some private IP like 192.168.x.x):

4. Click on the GO button and get to the WAN - DDNS settings page.

5. In the WAN - DDNS settings page, select Yes to Enable the DDNS Client.

6. Use the WWW.ASUS.COM server by default and choose a name for your FTP site (e.g. myftp), enter it to the Host Name input box.

7. Click the Apply button. The router will connect to ASUS DDNS server and bind your router with the host name you choose, then you can access your FTP site with URL like the following:

How to configure ASUS AiDisk and DDNS Service

Configure ASUS DDNS Service through AiDisk  

AiDisk is a feature that built-in to every ASUS wireless devices, it allows you to create an FTP server with a few clicks.

0. Connect to the web-based console of your router

Use any browser on your PC to connect to your ASUS router, default IP address would be,  login with default username: admin and password: admin.
First select AiDisk from the menu on the left, and then click on the GO (or Set Again) button to proceed.

1. Setup FTP account:

Select "admin rights" radio button from the list, and the admin account setting will appear. Provide a password for the admin account and click Next.

2. Choose a hostname:

The next page will have an input box prior to the "" domain name, choose a name for your FTP site and enter to the box, then click Next.

At this point, the router will send a request to the ASUS DDNS service, which will bind your router with the hostname you choose.

If the hostname is already taken, the router will prompt for another hostname.

3. Done and ready to serve.

Now you can access your FTP site with the hostname you choose, e.g.:


ASUS EA-N66 at CES 2012

By , January 12, 2012 @ 3:21pm

Asus also unleashed a funky EA-N66 dual-band wireless Ethernet adapter. It sorta looks like a transporter deck you can step into. We doubt Asus is releasing those to the public yet. The EA-N66 provides the same 450Mbps bandwidth but only on either the 2.4GHz or 5GHz channels. You can also set it as a repeater or an access point node for growing your network. The RT-N66U will sell for around $179, while the EA-N66 will be $59 when they are released later this month.

Not all routers are made alike, and they don’t all have to be boring grey boxes that get hidden away in the corner of a room. Asus showed off one of the latest additions to its wireless router line at CES 2012 and it turns out that its beauty goes further than skin deep.

Yes, that glossy black surface is nice and they’ve done an interesting job with that “weave” pattern on the top, but the Asus RT-N66U also happens to be really fast. You get dual 450Mbps wireless service, pushing that much bandwidth on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels independently. That combines for 900Mbps of wireless speed.

There are also two high-speed, high-power USB ports on the back that allow you share external drives across your network at up to about 25MB/s, as well as sharing printers and other peripherals. Rounding out the package is a convenient web-based GUI for setup, meaning that you can get your network up and running on your smartphone or tablet if you don’t want to boot up your computer.

Asus RT-N66U - An Excellent Router You Should Consider Upgrading To


If you are thinking of replacing your existing router for whatever reasons in your connected home or in a small office home office (SOHO) environment, then you should seriously look at the Asus RT-N66U as your replacement. If you are not a techie, reading reviews to get a sound judgment to buy a technical network product like a router can sometimes be very daunting and confusing; especially with all the technical jargons thrown into it.
For those of you non techies out there, I would like to make this article as simple as possible so that you will know whether you should buy or not buy Asus RT-N66U router by the end of this article.
What Is The Asus RT-N66U Dual-Band Wireless-N900 Router?
First of all, what is the Asus RT-N66U? In a gist, it is a simultaneous dual-band three-stream "N-900" router with one Gigabit WAN port. The "N-900" indicates that the RT-N66U can support 450 Mbps link rates when both radios are set to 20/40 or 40 mHz channel bandwidth.
Duo band allows you to split your internet usage to maximize usage. One band will be used for basic internet usage such as web surfing, email and file loading while the other band will be used for HD content streaming such as watching movies, listening to music and online gaming.
The Asus RT-N66U also has four switched Gigabit LAN ports with two USB 2.0 ports that support both drive and printer sharing. It is also designed to operate up to 300,000 Internet client data sessions and is IPv6 support. You also have up to 8 multi-user SSIDs with parental controls. Knowing that sometimes it can be daunting for the non-technical user to set-up a router, Asus also makes it easy for you to set-up the RT-N66U with its ASUSWRT dashboard user interface.
What Are The Advantages Of The Arsus RT-N66U?
  1. The RT-N66U with the many additional improvements in it was built upon the hugely successful Asus RT-N56U resulting in a better product with better features and performance than its predecessor which was already an excellent product

  2. It is one of the fastest consumer class routers in its price range in the market today. In terms of performance, reviewers and testers have reported that the Asus RT-N66U beat rivals like the Linksys E4200, ASUS RT-N56U, Cisco E4200V2, Netgear WNDR3800 etc flat!

  3. Expanded coverage - if your house or office is multi levels - the RT-N66U comes with three detachable external antennas which allow omnidirectional wireless signal coverage to not only reach devices horizontally but also vertically

  4. Easy Setup and Customizability - it is very easy to setup the RT-N66U with the ASUSWRT dashboard user interface mentioned earlier as you can set up your network right out of the box and optimize it through the dashboard. Management is also made easy with robust parental controls, real-time traffic monitor and Quality of Service done through the dashboard

  5. If you are in a hurry or need to download many files at one go - the RT-N66U lets you simultaneously download files directly to USB storage devices and connect a printer in the other port via its two built-in USB 2.0 ports

  6. Are you running intensive peer-to-peer applications? If you are then you can get up to a fantastic 300,000 simultaneous sessions!

  7. The Asus RT-N66U is very solidly build.You have a good feeling with this router - knowing that it is built to last
Should you buy the Asus RT-N66U?
Buying a router is not an everyday affair and neither do you change routers every month. In fact many people use their routers for years and only change them when they break down or they need to make use of the current technology that their router cannot support. As such, if as little as half of those points highlighted above especially with regards to speed, workload and coverage meet your requirements, then it would definitely be worth your money to invest in the Asus RT-N66U router.
However it you are thinking of buying a model with a lesser specifications that may save you $50 or less, then the question is why buy the lesser model (especially so if you are in a SOHO environment)? Assuming that you would use a router for 2 years, it may only save you less than $5 a month per year with that lesser model; which is really not much for a lot of people.
Hence when you buy the Asus RT-N66U, you are actually buying into the future. You may not need to change the router again if unexpected needs and work load turn up because the Asus RT-N66U router has already the capability and capacity to handle that. Spending a few dollars more on a good router like the Asus RT-M66U now will actually give you more value in the long run. As such it may be wise consider the longer term.
Act now and enjoy the benefits immediately. Click on this link to buy the Asus RT-N66U.


Dual-Band Wireless-N900 Gigabit Router

  • 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Concurrent Dual-Band Transmissions for Strong Signal Strength and Ultra-Fast Connection Rates up to 900Mbps
  • Gigabit Ethernet Ports for the Fastest, Most Reliable Internet Performance
  • Download Master for Wireless Data Storage and Access to Router-Connected USB Storage Devices
  • Expanded Wireless Coverage with Detachable High-Powered Antennas
  • File Sharing, Printer Sharing, and 3G Sharing via Two Multi-Functional Built-in USB Ports
  • ASUSWRT Dashboard UI for Easy Setup, Signal Monitoring, and Network Application Control

Incredible Performance with Incredible Control
The ASUS RT-N66U dual-band wireless-N900 gigabit router delivers incredible performance and coverage range. With new ASUSWRT UI, quickly setup your network, customize user access, and monitor signal strength. Following the award-winning RT-N56U, the RT-N66U increases Wi-Fi speed for both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz transmission by 50% up to 900Mbps that makes it ideal for bandwidth demanding tasks such as 3D HD video steaming, multiplayer gaming, USB hard drive file sharing, and USB connected printer sharing. Built-in Wi-Fi amplifiers make the RT-N66U the perfect wireless router for larger, multi-level homes and buildings with signal range that reaches virtually any area.

Whether you’re a tech-savvy enthusiast or a first-time user, the RT-N66U is exceptional easy to use with CD-free, Quick Installation Setup (QIS) that lets you plug-n-surf right out of the box and connect PCs, smartphones, tablets, and other wireless devices quickly. Thanks to its refined interface tools, you get control like never before, letting you monitor signal strength, setup parental settings, and other useful functions in a robust yet intuitive way.

Designed for Class-Leading Speed and Range

Designed with the latest in networking technology, the RT-N66U delivers exceptionally fast wired and wireless connectivity. What’s more, it comes with a powerful detachable Wi-Fi antenna to further extend wireless range.

Dual-Band Connectivity for Lag-Free Entertainment

Delivering both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz concurrent bands up to 450Mbps and 450Mbps respectively, the RT-N66U has a total speed of up to 900Mbps connectivity to provide speed with stability. Perform basic internet tasks like Web browsing and file downloading under the 2.4 GHz band, while also simultaneously streaming 3D HD content and other demanding applications smoothly on the 5 GHz band.

Optimized and Reliable Wireless Coverage via Ai Radar

ASUS Ai Radar intelligently strengthens connections to wireless devices. With high-powered amplification and beam package, it provides optimized signals in any direction with better coverage to improve data throughput.

Easy Setup Through Your Tablet, Smartphone, or PC

With the RT-N66U, setup is simple. Simply power and connect the router and then open a bowser on a Wi-Fi-enabled device like a laptop or tablet. You will be taken to a setup page with a prompt to enter the ID/password from your Internet provider and that’s it! Now setting up your network is easier than ever.

Powerful functions, easiest management

With the ASUSWRT Dashboard UI, setup, monitor, and control network applications all in one intuitive area. The whole new dashboard interface lets you manage all clients and settings on a single graphical interface and provides 1-click updates.

Optimize Your Network for You

Do you game a lot, or spend most of your time streaming videos? Whatever your planned use is, the RT-N66U has a Quality of Service (QoS) that lets you select how much bandwidth is prioritized for virtually any task. Plus, the traffic monitor allows you to check your Web usage in a clear and graphical interface.

Two Multi-Functional Built-in USB ports

Featuring connectivity to devices, FTPs, SAMBA, UPnP AV servers, and DLNA support, the RT-N66U makes sharing and networking easier with two built-in USB ports. Download HTTP, FTP, and P2P files to a router-connected USB storage device all day without the need of PC. Additionally, the twin USB ports allow network printer and file server connections, so you perform multiple tasks at once.

Download and Stream From Anywhere

Download Master and DLNA server lets you download and play multimedia files stored on a router-attached USB storage device on DLNA-compatible devices such as PC, tablet, PS3, XBOX, and Internet TV. Download Master can also download files while a PC is turned off, and allows you to manage and monitor download status remotely.

Powerful Online Multitasking up to 300,000 Data Sessions

Support f or a massive data pipeline of up to 300,000 data sessions means the RT-N66U has around 20 times the networking capacity of other conventional routers for exceptionally smooth performance.

Separate and Secure Wi-Fi Network via Guest Network Access

The RT-N66U supports up to three wireless networks over the 2.4 GHz band and three over the 5 GHz band, so it can protect computers from any unauthorized access, hacking and virus attacks. The parental control allows you to set up your kids' computer access times.

VPN Server Enabled

Easily set up a VPN server to surf the Web and access data—no matter where you are. Featuring MPPE encryption, your data transmission will be secure and confidential.

Flexible Installation with Versatile Design

Wall-mountable, the RT-N66U fits nearly any space in the home or office.

VORTEZ Gold Award for ASUS RT-N13U

Source:  VORTEZ

Product on Review: Asus RT-N13U Wireless Router
Manufacturer: Asus

Home networking has taken a giant leap over the past few years as more of us are using computers within the household. Building a network in the home can have some great benefits.

The best place to start building any network is at the router, as this will govern how and where the signals are sent. A router basically does all the hard work for you whilst you can enjoy sharing resources.

Now when faced with buying a router, there are some typical brands out there that will almost always be aligned with home networking. Names such as Netgear, D-Link and Linksys. But today we have an offering from Asus, a manufacturer that has expanded into many departments over the last decade. You would typically find Asus under other sections such as Monitors, optical drives, graphics cards and of course motherboards where they have a solid reputation for being market leaders, so today it comes as a nice surprise for me to be reviewing one of their routers. If previous products are anything to go by, this their latest wireless router will be a great performer.

Asus have this to say about the RT-N13U:

The ASUS RT-N13U wireless router is the latest in the line of quality routers from ASUS that aims to provide users with a host of easy-to-use wireless features. Among them, the EZ UI lets users set up and manage wireless connections, printers, and scanners with exceptional ease. It also facilitates troubleshooting, sharing of multimedia content and documents, as well as the allocation of bandwidth to different activities based on user preferences. With more wireless connectivity options, the ASUS RT-N13U can also support 24/7 downloads—even when the PC is turned off. It is also a stylish performer that complements any home or office with its clean design and hidden internal antenna.

So without any further delay let us look at the Asus RT-N13U…

Features and Specifications 

The Asus RT-N13U comes with a host of features. Throughout each of these features the one thing that Asus set out to achieve is to ensure the end user can perform various tasks with ease. Below are the features that the RT-N13U boasts. (taken from Asus.

Configure an All-in-one Printer Easily with EZ UI

The ASUS RT-N13U wireless router features EZ UI, a powerful graphical user interface that provides intuitive setup and easy management of printers and other networked resources. It features a suite of innovative connectivity solutions including EZ All-in-One Printer, QIS, Ai Disk, Dr. Surf, EZ QoS, and Network Map.

EZ All-in-One Printer allows multiple users to share printers and scanners without a dedicated server managing the process. It increases office efficiency by handling multiple printing requests simultaneously. Additionally, convenient scanning can be done on the printers with auto-installation of drivers. No loading of additional programs is required. For easy configuration, EZ All-in-One Printer supports and detects all the major printer brands on the market.

QIS (Quick Internet Setup) facilitates device connection to the Internet in three easy steps. With Ai Disk, users can easily set up a file-sharing server at home in three simple steps. Dr. Surf offers real-time diagnostics for rapid troubleshooting. EZ QoS lets users easily prioritize application bandwidth for an optimal experience. Network Map provides a complete overview of network status for easy monitoring.

Set Up Effortlessly with EZ Switch
For more advanced users, the ASUS RT-N13U features the exclusive EZ switch with three modes to meet various wireless network requirements. If a user wants to set up an ADSL network at home, they can set the EZ Switch to router mode, whereas if they want to use wireless connectivity, the EZ Switch can be set to repeater mode. Lastly, if the user has another router at home, they may choose the AP mode, which allows them to share the network.

Internal Antenna—A Stylishly Well-received Connection
Another innovative feature of the ASUS RT-N13U is its design. It features an internal antenna, which provides wider coverage than an external antenna. Furthermore, with an optimized antenna isolation configuration, users can get even better connectivity, as well as extremely clear reception for the best performance with minimal adjustments. Finally, with a clean and minimalist exterior, the ASUS RT-N13U is a stylish and contemporary addition to any home.


The RT-N13U Wireless Router comes presented in a nice little blue and white box. On the box are the highlighted features, the one to engage your full attention is the text saying that this router comes with a built in print server. We will be taking a look into these features as we progress through the review. On the rear of the box there is a more detailed explanation with diagrams of how these features actually work.

Opening the box up reveals the contents – User manual guide, warranty card, installation CD, CAT5 cable, power adaptor, and the RT-N13U itself. 

Taking the RT-N13U out of the box, this wireless router really does look the part. It’s bright white finish will look great on the desk. It stands upright which is the opposite of how most routers would usually sit. Unfortunately there isn’t a way of lying this router flat, but this shouldn’t be a problem. Observing the front we have various lights. These are (from top to bottom):

- 4 LAN indicators - if a computer is plugged into port 1, this will light up blue
- Internet indicator - if you have your internet cable plugged in at the back this will light up blue
- Wireless indicator – this will light up blue if a wireless connection is present
- Power indicator – this will light up blue if there is power to the unit
- WPS – this will launch the wireless protection setup.

Focussing our attention on the rear of the router is (from top to bottom):

- USB 2.0 connector – this is for plugging in printer or USB dongle/HDD for FTP storage
- 4 LAN ports – allowing you to connect up to 4 workstations
- 1 Internet (Ethernet) port – this is for obtaining your internet connection (this router is not internet ready)
- Power socket – here the power adaptor is plugged into

On the underside of the RT-N13U are some other buttons. There is a hard reset button that will restore your router to factory defaults if you happen to lock yourself out of the admin panel or simply want to return all settings to default status. There is also another button that allows you to switch into 3 different operation modes – Router, Repeater and AP (Access Point). There is also some information such as the default username and password and SSID for this router should you not realise what these are. As a good practise you should always change the username and password prior to logging in to prevent unauthorised access and misuse.
Note the PIN Code printed on the tag
The unit looks and feels sturdy. All of the buttons, and features from the outside are easy to use and see. In the next section we will see how easy this router is to configure and get going. Looking at the assortment of features and seeing how easy they are to get along with.
To test the RT-N13U I will be using a Dell D630 laptop and a desktop computer. These will be later used to transfer files so that we can observe the speeds at which data is transferred. 

Setting up the router I started by inserting the CD into the optical drive, the wizard automatically loads up and presents you with a screen asking you what you would like to install. I chose to “Install ASUS Wireless Router Utilities”.

To access the admin panel so that I can configure any settings was easy. I just opened up a web browser and typed in the IP address on the underside of the router: this then took me to a secure login, I typed in admin and admin for the username and password. After hitting ok I was presented with the following screen:

This gave me a detailed summary of how my current network looks. To the right hand side the settings that I setup with the wizard earlier are there. Including the SSID and Passphrase. I must say that the interface looks great and is easy navigated. It’s not hard to find your way around and even if you do have trouble setting up your network the DR. Surf in the top right hand section of the admin panel will give you hints such as “The Ethernet cable is not plugged in” so that you can quickly sort out any problems.

Under the Operations Mode tab you are presented with the 3 modes, Router, Repeater or AP. This is to be used in conjunction with the buttons on the underside of the router that I mentioned earlier. For each that you click on you can see a diagram, giving you a clear picture of how a network would look like. Very helpful.

We will skip the AiDISK and look at this in the next section. So the next feature to engage our attention is the EzQOS Bandwidth Management. In this section we can manage how much bandwidth is used for certain operations under particular protocols. For example. We can assign higher priority to gaming and internet applications and lesser priority to FTP. This is a clever feature and surely very useful if you share the router with others and you wish to control bandwidth usage easier.

The advanced tab in the admin panel gives you many avenues and controls. I won’t go any further with screenshots but as you can see from the advanced tab screenshot there are a huge amount of options there that advanced users can take advantage of. 

AiDISK and other features

Now we come to one of my favourite features of the Asus RT-N13U. The AiDisk is a feature that allows you to create an FTP server along-side your router. By plugging in a USB device such as a pen drive or external HDD and following the wizard you can create a domain and access files when you are away from home. All you need to make sure is that the router is switched on, there is no need for your computer to be switched on. This makes accessing those necessary files possible and without the need to mess about with getting others at home to switch on the computer and send files. The wizard will take literally only take a moment to complete and within minutes you can have your FTP server setup. A truly amazing feature, 24/7 access to your files – wherever, whenever. Below is each stage of the wizard.

Print Server
The print server is also a very hand feature that can be setup in minutes. All you have to do is plug the USB lead into the back of the router, launch the print server installation from off the Asus CD and away you go. This is particularly useful for me as I do not have a printer installed on any of my computers; the printer is installed on another machine in the house. Every time I need to print I need to switch this computer on. This feature takes away that need, I can simply have the printer plugged into the RT-N13U wireless router and the printer is now accessible. Superb!

Download Master
Yet another feature – it seems that the Asus RT-N13U is loaded with helpful features. This last feature that I will be commenting on is a very handy one. It allows you to drag and drop .torrent files into a download manager. Not only does this allow for these types of files but also HTTP and FTP. 
Although my analysis of the Asus RT-N13U has been quite thorough I thought it was necessary to post some kind of graph to show roughly what transfer rates are like. So for this test I simply transferred a 14.5MB MP3 file from my desktop machine that was wired into RT-N13U over wireless to a laptop on the network (download). Once this file had been transferred, I then sent the file back to the desktop machine (upload) and observed both transfer by timing using a stopwatch. Below are the results.

To conclude then, the Asus RT-N13U is a fantastic wireless router that is quite literally all singing all dancing. It comes with a multitude of features that will suite most people’s needs and what’s so likeable about this product is that you won’t have to spend hours of time setting things up. The interface is easy to understand, and if you do get stuck DR. Surf is sure to help out and point you in the right direction!

I can’t fault this router at all, it comes in at around the £55 ($89 / €60) mark which is very competitive for a 300Mbps Wireless N router. Consider the support and features included in this package and you are onto a winner. A very versatile product indeed.

The only downside that I can see with the RT-N13U is that it only has one USB, if I want to host my files and use a print server I cannot do this. It’s one or the other. So to take advantage of both these features, we really need to see two USB ports.

+ Easy to setup
+ Many useful features
+ Affordable
+ Very versatile – use as a router, repeater or AP
+ Access your files wherever, whenever

- Only one USB port

I award the Asus RT-N13U the Vortez GOLD award for its excellence. We would like to thank Asus for supplying this router. Discuss this review at our forums.