How to configure ASUS AiDisk and DDNS Service

Configure ASUS DDNS Service through AiDisk  

AiDisk is a feature that built-in to every ASUS wireless devices, it allows you to create an FTP server with a few clicks.

0. Connect to the web-based console of your router

Use any browser on your PC to connect to your ASUS router, default IP address would be,  login with default username: admin and password: admin.
First select AiDisk from the menu on the left, and then click on the GO (or Set Again) button to proceed.

1. Setup FTP account:

Select "admin rights" radio button from the list, and the admin account setting will appear. Provide a password for the admin account and click Next.

2. Choose a hostname:

The next page will have an input box prior to the "" domain name, choose a name for your FTP site and enter to the box, then click Next.

At this point, the router will send a request to the ASUS DDNS service, which will bind your router with the hostname you choose.

If the hostname is already taken, the router will prompt for another hostname.

3. Done and ready to serve.

Now you can access your FTP site with the hostname you choose, e.g.: