Configure ASUS DDNS Service on RT-AC66U

Configure ASUS DDNS Service on RT-AC66U  

AiDisk is a feature that built-in to every ASUS wireless devices, it allows you to create an FTP server with just a few clicks.

1. Use any browser on your PC to connect to your ASUS router, default IP address would be

2. Login to the router with default username: admin and password: admin.

3. Select Network Map from the menu on the left, make sure the Internet status says that you are connected and get a public WAN IP (not some private IP like 192.168.x.x):

4. Click on the GO button and get to the WAN - DDNS settings page.

5. In the WAN - DDNS settings page, select Yes to Enable the DDNS Client.

6. Use the WWW.ASUS.COM server by default and choose a name for your FTP site (e.g. myftp), enter it to the Host Name input box.

7. Click the Apply button. The router will connect to ASUS DDNS server and bind your router with the host name you choose, then you can access your FTP site with URL like the following: