3 minutes complete FTP setting via ASUS AiDisk

AiDisk combines simple FTP settings with the ASUS DDNS service to share files with friends easily no matter when and where the user is.

By simply utilizing the RT-N13U with a USB hard disk, users will be able to create a mini FTP server at home and only requires them to setup an account and password and select the file they want to share.

With the bundled AiDisk quick installation guide included in the box, users can rest easy and not worry about complicated settings.

Users will be able to easily create their own FTP servers with easily recognized and meaningful hostname like: , instead of a hard to remember IP addresses or URLs.

ASUS Revamps Router Management With EZ UI

Consumers generally don't have to setup or tweak router settings but once or twice a year, if that. But for those who find themselves locked into WLAN GUIs for work or pleasure with any semblance of regularity, you'll understand just how wonderful it is to see someone working on a better way. 

ASUS has recently introduced its EZ UI, which it's calling the "world's most user-friendly network solution for manual-free setup and easy management." Quite the tongue-twister, huh? What this all boils down to is a fresh new user interface for its networking routers, which will help users configure, manage and setup their network without getting their heart rates up too high. The UI brings together a half dozen key features including QIS, Network Map, Dr. Surf, AiDisk, EZQoS and EZ MFP.

For a breakdown on what all six of those do, along with a chart showing which components are available on which ASUS product, have a look below.

Breeze Through Lengthy Setup Procedures with QIS
ASUS QIS (Quick Internet Setup) automates setup procedures for network devices by intelligently detecting the type of Internet connection each individual user has, eliminating the need for guess work or reference to complex manuals. Apart from that, it also comes ready with a foolproof, easy-to-follow setup guide to take users through the entire setup process in just two clean steps. ASUS QIS is featured on the ASUS WL-500GP_V2, WL-520GU, RT-N11, RT-N13, RT-N15, WL-600G, DSL_N13, and WL-AM604G models.

Get the Big Picture with Network Map

Network Map provides users with a complete overview of the network device map at a glance. Useful information such as WAN/LAN connection status, SSID and encryption level, number of wired and wireless devices connected and even the number of USB devices connected are all available on demand. Without the hassle of accessing multiple control consoles, users are now able to have a bird’s eye view of their entire network status. Network map comes standard on the ASUS WL-500GP_V2, WL-520GU, RT-N13, RT-N15, WL-600G, DSL_N13, and WL-AM604G router models.

Share Resources More Effectively with EZMFP

Yet another ASUS exclusive innovation, EZ MFP empowers network devices with the ability to share printing and scanning devices wirelessly with multiple users, without the need for a server. EZ MFP also eliminates the hassle of disconnection and reconnection found in most print servers when multiple users attempt to access the printing device. By intelligently switching in between users, EZ MFP allows multiple connections to simultaneously access a single printing device. Users looking out for this useful feature will find the ASUS WL-500GP_V2, WL-520GU, WL-600G, and DSL_N13 router models meeting their every need.

Real-time Diagnostics with Dr. Surf

Dr. Surf is a useful application that offers real-time diagnostics, and displays a comprehensive device map showing the devices are connected, clearly listed WAN/LAN status, and simple settings for encryption and WPS etc. for helpful troubleshooting. Instead of just showing an error page on the IE browser, Dr. Surf will attempt to aid users in connecting to the Internet by helping users to complete their WAN settings. This intuitive feature is available on the ASUS WL-500GP_V2, WL-520GU, RT-N13, RT-N15, WL-600G, DSL_N13 and WL-AM604G router models

Easy and Hassle-free File Sharing with ASUS AiDisk

Manual-free, AiDisk employs a wizard to help users easily setup in just three steps, and utilizes the ASUS DDNS service for easy file-sharing. The built-up DDNS server is absolutely free, and allows users to register unique hostnames associated with their dynamic IP addresses (e.g. instead of hard-to-remember IP addresses. In addition, connecting a USB hard disk to a network device allows users to create a mini FTP server at home for easy file sharing among friends and family. With the ability to log into AiDisk via notebooks, PDAs or smart phones while connected to the Internet, backups of important files to the home disk can thus be performed instantly! This feature can be exclusively found on the ASUS WL-500GP_V2, WL-600G and DSL_N13 router models.