2-bay Gigabit network storage server

  • 10 second system backup and super-fast recovery
  • Home entertainment center with virtual DVD, UPnP media and iTunes server
  • Powerful 1.2GHz CPU and 512MB DDR2 Memory
  • Effortlessly manage and share huge files remotely
Asus brings the Home Server TS mini and the new NAS-M25 network attached storage server to the CeBit 2010. The Home Server allows multiple home and remote users to view digital photos, watch videos and does other media streamings. It can back up data from up to 10 home computers. The TS mini is available at Amazon.
The NAS-M25, on the other hand, has 4TB of storage capacity and is capable of full-system backups. It allows multiple users to share files via an FTP site.

Massive Storage at Blazing Speeds

NAS-M25 offers ten second system backup and fast restore for every application and circumstance, with DLNA compatibility and 200X read speeds making it ideal for use in entertainment centers. It enables easy slide-and-snap 3.5" hard drive installation, and the friendly user interface and durable design ensure great value and longevity.
  • Triple Protection 
    Ultimate data protection with triple security: integrated ultra-fast snapshot backup, system image and RAID 1 mirroring.
  • Snapshot Backup 
    Backup your hard drive in ten seconds, undo any undesired changes in two minutes, and fully recover your PC in a snap.
  • Universal restore 
    Bring your system back to its original state, move it to a new computer or even create a virtual machine, all hassle-free.
*NAS HDD Support List 

Perfect for Home Entertainment

Up to 6TB (After FW storage and iTunes, virtual DVD, UPnP, Samba and FTP server - all supported through the intuitive user interface. Expand your libraries and increase your storage in a snap, then stream media remotely. Plus, full DLNA compatibility for easy access to a host of devices from notebooks to game consoles, with built-in TwonkyMedia server.
4TB storage and iTunes, virtual DVD, UPnP, Samba and FTP server

Screwless Hard Drive Installation

Screwless Hard Drive Installation
second system backup and fast restore

Superior Reliability

Fast 1.2GHz CPU, 512MB RAM and 128MB flash memory. The inclusion of dual firmware design makes the NAS-M25 uniquely stable and reliable, as it automatically restores full operational capabilities in the event of one of the firmware versions suffering any difficulties. Uses durable conductive polymer solid state capacitors for extreme longevity even when put to strenuous use, ensuring the NAS-M25 can be relied on for every application.
1.2GHz CPU, 512MB RAM and 128MB flash memory. The inclusion of dual firmware design makes the NAS-M25 uniquely stable and reliable

24/7 Downloads with Your PC Powered Off

The enhanced download engine lets you download HTTP, FTP and BitTorrent files 24/7 automatically even when your PC is turned off. The BT engine also supports the latest DHT, PEX and encryption. The Android app manages torrents wherever available.
download engine lets you download HTTP, FTP and BitTorrent files 24/7

Other Features

ASUS DDNS Support 
Built-in easy-to-use ASUS Dynamic DNS (DDNS) service - just one step to register a unique domain with ASUS DDNS servers. Use an easy to remember domain name to connect to NAS when away from home - no more having to remember a lenghty IP address.
Web Multimedia Player
In addition to streaming multimedia files though UPnP servers, the NAS-M25 also provides HTML and Flash-based multimedia players, so you can easily play multimedia files through your browser.
Web File Management 
Alongside Network Place (Samba) and FTP, the NAS-M25 offers a friendly web-based remote access user interface for effortless management and sharing of even the biggest files.
One Touch USB Auto Backup 
Just press the auto backup button and data on digital cameras, camcorders and USB drives connected to the front USB port can be automatically copied to NAS. Content can be also be shared and streamed via UPnP server.
File Server 
Create multiple user accounts with different authority levels and quotas for Samba (Windows My Network Places), FTP NFS and web file management.
Printer Server 
Printers can be easily shared over a network by connecting them to the NAS-M25's USB port.
iTunes Server 
Store and share music files to Mac OS or Windows with iTunes clients over a network. Password protection prevents unauthorized sharing.
FTP Server 
You can manage the access authority of the FTP server and share your files with friends and customers easily in a few steps. The FTP server includes extensive support for SSL/TLS modes, with bandwidth and connection controls.
S.M.A.R.T HDD Scanning 
The NAS-M25 supports S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology), which monitors the health status of hard drives and checks for potential problems. If any appear, the NAS-M25 auto reports them to administrators by email alert.
UPS Support 
The USB port supports UPS status monitoring and auto shutdown. It helps users save data in time and avoid loss during power failures and surges.